AS/RS refers to a variety of computer-controlled methods for automatically depositing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations. AS/RS are used widely in both Manufacturing and Distribution operations to hold and buffer the flow of material moving through the process to the ultimate end-user.

The operation are totally automated, Computer controlled & Fully integrated with factory and warehouse operations. If properly applied, ASRS can lead to

  • Improve operator efficiency and storage capacity
  • Maximize available storage space
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Reducing product damage and waste costs
  • Increasing customer service (e.g. : fast delivery)
  • Real time inventory control

There are two types of systems

Rack Clad Building

The racking supports the warehouse roof, and walls are installed close to racking which create a whole systems and building with low expenses with anti-seismic consideration. Normally rack clad buildings are 15 meters or higher

High Bay Racking in An Existing Warehouse

Racking is independent of the building. The building may be designed for factory warehouse, or distribution centers

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