Back Kirby Kuwait celebrates new year in company wide event

22 Dec 2021, Kuwait

After a year packed with achievements and global activity, Kirby kuwait hosted a company wide event celebrating the past year and welcoming in the new one.The in-house event hosted all employees with multiple speakers taking the stage before new year giveaways were distributed.

Hamad Alenezy, HR Manager - Kirby  MEA, kicked off the event with celebratory words acknowledging the hard work Kirby's employees applied througout a sucessful year. James Minato, Senior General Manager - Kirby MEA, provided a thorough business update to all employees, commending them for their success and encouraging them further in fullfilling Kirby's 2022 goals. The event concluded with the distribution of gifts and dinner boxes to all attendees. 

Congratulations to the Kirby Kuwait team on yet another successful year for hosting the well-deserved new year's event.