Back Kirby India participates in Steel Construction Summit

22 Feb 2019, India

On 22 February 2019, Kirby India participated in and co-sponsored the Steel Construction Summit held at Hyderabad, India. Kirby India is a pioneer in establishing and promoting steel construction technology in the country, and continues to support events promoting the method across industries. The seminar was attended by leading industry experts, corporate representatives, structural consultants, engineers, government officials, academics, and other attendees sharing their views, knowledge, case studies, and experiences with steel construction.

The Kirby India team also delivered a presentation at the Summit’s main seminar, sharing a brief overview of the company as well as a case study on recently completed G+12 Data Center high-rise building project for one of our clients, Hyderabad-based CtrlS. Standing at 72 meters tall, the building is one of the most complex buildings undertaken by the newly formed Structural Steel division at Kirby India, focusing on executing high rise projects. This project in particular was complex from the start, and continued to present challenges at each cycle, from drafting, fabrication, supply to final construction, yet the building was handed over to the client in the record time of 5 months.

The presentation also laid emphasis on how steel composite construction can be adopted for both commercial buildings, which presents immense scope for growth in coming years. The presentation was well received by the audience thereby further reinforcing Kirby’s position as a premier market leader in steel building manufacturing.

The event was successful in giving the summit attendees an insight into opportunities with steel structures, with customers and consultants expressing their interest in joining Kirby’s wide network of partners and clients.