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Channkorn M&R was awarded this project after a tough competition and chose Kirby SEA as their supplier after due diligence done by team comprising of Mr. Raveerot Thamaratnothai and Mr. Tirayu Suttisaratham. This was the first project for KSEA in Thailand

The broad details of project are as under :

Total weight : 1,233 MT
Total area : 23,520 m2
Location : Rayong, Thailand
Main Contractor : Channakorn M&R
Award of project

After several meetings and technical discussions with Final customers M/S Hemraj Land and Development PLC. The development director Mr.Tanin Subboonrueng and procurement director Mr. Prattana Kijjanon were happy with our capabilities and profile. Their senior project manager Mr. Bordin Harnvanich later visited our factory and was impressed with our set up. Finally KSEA was approved as a supplier for PEB structures.

Design challenges

Peak Rafters were projected beyond column lines. We designed the Architectural Fascia so that the same is accommodated at the edge of rafters. This satisfied both the Architectural requirements and also the Ventilation requirements. Special connections were developed to keep frames stable. Even the ones supported on Jack Beams. We designed the structure satisfying Thailand building code.


The project had a very tough timelines as customers for these special industrial shed were already waiting to occupy. We supplied entire 1233 MT in 48 days.

Customer appreciation

Channakorn M&R and Hemeraj were happy with our deliveries and awarded us 4 more projects subsequently at other location