Kirby India Pvt. Ltd. completed the US$50-million manufacturing facility of Toshiba JSW Turbine & Generator Pvt Ltd, Chennai in November 2011. Toshiba JSW Turbine & Generator Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between Toshiba Group (75 per cent), JSW Energy (20 per cent) and JSW Steel (5 per cent). Toshiba-JSW manufactures and markets mid-to large-sized steam turbines and generators ranging from 500 mw to 1,000 mw, for highly efficient supercritical thermal power plants in India.

Kirby India Pvt. Ltd. actively participated in the design process with Toyo engineering in finalizing the drawings. The entire design was converted from a conventional structural steel model to factory-built and transportable PEB components through innovative design and fabrication. For this truss type structures are fabricated with PEB built-up sections for top and bottom chords to economize on the weight. Very high tonnage cranes are operating along both length and width dimensions. The project was executed within budget. A special area in the plant was earmarked exclusively for production of this project given the highly complicated nature of the project requiring narrow tolerances.

The project was started by Mr. MK Stalin, the then Honorable Deputy Chief Minister of India, by laying the cornerstone in February 2010. The project execution time was 8 months vs. actual completion time of 10 months.

Kirby India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment during design, manufacture, supply and execution of building systems, using state-of-the-art technology and equipments to ensure total customer satisfaction. The soil, air and water pollution was nil in this project. The noise pollution was also well within the prescribed limit. Solid waste like packing sheets, papers and wood generated during execution of the project was disposed as per the national/local laws. As with any other project, Kirby adhered to IFC guidelines on environmental standards.

Project Features

Customer Name : Toshiba-JSW Turbine & Generator Pvt Ltd (Factory), Chennai
Consultant : Toyo Engineering India Ltd
Contract Value : Rs.51,00,00,000 approx.
Area : More than 46,000 sqm
Building Description : 250m x 174m x 31.0m
Uniqueness of the project :
  • Highly complex building combining RCC columns, & steel trusses
  • Truss type structures are fabricated with PEB sections to save the weight.
  • Cranes operating in both width & length dimensions
  • Heavy base plates of 20 mm thickness were placed above steel columns
Design Standards : 3 D analysis & design was applied for this highly complex building.
Manufacturing Standards : Structures designed and fabricated in accordance to AWS D1.1 welding standards.
Insulation Specifications : 50mm thick Rockwool 48Kg/m3 density insulation is provided for roof. Sandwich panels are used for wall sheeting.
Fatal Accidents : None
Toshiba-JSW Turbine & Generator Pvt Ltd Photo Album
Hybrid PEB & RCC Structure
TRUSS TYPE Structure