Project Brief

Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., was chosen as supplier to Electricity Vietnam (EVN) to execute their 2 X 500 MW power project at Mong Duong in QuangNinh province in North East of Vietnam. For their coal storage unit, they chose Kirby against local and international competition, primarily due to our demonstrated ability to handle complex projects. The total area for the project was 18,000 sqm..requiring 3000 MT of steel. The building size was 126 meters X 140 meters X 13.5 meter eaves height with column in the center(BC1) having a clear span of 70 meters.


The first hurdle was to get prequalify for the project as we had no track record in Vietnam for handling a project of this size and complexity. We leveraged the experience of Kirby India Pvt. Ltd. by showcasing projects of similar nature and were prequalified.

Award of Project

The project team, led by Mr.Woo- Young Ki (Steel Structure Manager) and other two members, Mr.Kim Sa Hyun (Architectural Manager) and Mr. Lee Yun Seok (Project Control Manager), visited us in May 2012, to access our engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The building had many complex requirements like rafter connections at different levels on the column.., one higher another lower, high slope, large span, etc., that design was also required to done, using LRFD method. Our engineering manager,Mr.Rajshekhar, not only satisfied them but gave many valuable suggestions to achieve economy, more clear space and overall stability by slightly changing the geometry without affecting the requirements of customers. He suggested making both rafters to higher level so that moment imbalance is avoided on the columns and extra height is also achieved. With the result, KSEA was technically qualified to supply the steel structures and later we were awarded the project based on our technical ability despite of the fact we were not lowest in our offer.

Completion of supply

We successfully designed the structure at our Engineering Excellence Center at Hyderabad, using MBS software with LRFD method. The manufacturing and supply was done in record time.

Customer Delight

Hyundai was very satisfied our deliverance and professionalism, and assured us that they would give us projects for their requirements in Myanmar.