Heavy Design Load Expectations, Stringent Serviceability, Hanging Platforms, etc were some of the main requirements for the project. Project was planned effectively with Architectural Elevations to differentiate it from traditional depot building looks. Member sizes and tapers were designed to suit structural requirements along with aesthetic appearances. Member positioning were executed with maximum accuracy to align all members within designated tolerances limits. There were long clear span trusses of up to 70 M and resulted in considerable depths that presented a design & fabrication challenge, Kirby overcame them with its innovative design solutions and manufacturing capabilities.

Kirby Building Systems has leveraged its experience of over 30 years in executing various complex industrial projects in finalizing design specifications, project execution & cost estimation.

The project was completed within budget. Kirby initiated special cost saving projects to reduce production supplies cost, and improve productivity through its Lean Six Sigma methodology in reducing project cost with uncompromised quality.

Buildings have been completed within a record contracted time where 2,700 MT were designed, approved, detailed, and delivered over a span of 12 weeks using a design build and coordination approach that resulted in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Project Features

Customer Name : Amana Steel Building and Contracting (Brazilian Food Factory)
Job No : RK 14614
14614Area : More than 21,000 sqm
Steel Consumed : Over 2,700 MT
Building Description : Food Processing Plant which have cold stores housed in the main building
Uniqueness of the project :
  • There were many mezzanine hung from the roof of the building
  • Platforms / walkways for operations are supported on steel suspenders from steel rafters.
Design Standards : Buildings are all designed as per AISC-05 working stress method and deflection under different criteria with high level of complexity.
Manufacturing Standards : Structures designed and fabricated in accordance to AWS D1.1 welding standards.
Fatal Accidents : None
Brazilian Food Factory

Design Phase

Under Construction